Aggression Replacement Training

Aggression Replacement Training® (ART) is a research-based, proven-effective approach for working with challenging youth.  ART® is a cognitive behavioral intervention program to help children and adolescents improve social skill competence and moral reasoning, better manage anger, and reduce aggressive behavior. The program specifically targets chronically aggressive children and adolescents ages 11-17. ART has been used for over 30 years in schools, community agencies, juvenile institutions, and other settings.

Aggression Replacement Training is a 10 week (30 session course) that features three coordinated and integrated components:

  • Social Skills Training—Teaches participants what to do, helping them replace antisocial behaviors with positive alternatives.
  • Anger Control—Teaches participants what not to do, helping them respond to anger in a nonaggressive manner and rethink anger-provoking situations.
  • Moral Reasoning—Helps raise participants' level of fairness, justice, and concern for the needs and rights of others.

Staffing Requirements:

ART was designed to accommodate staff who have at least a High School Diploma or GEDLicensed clinicians are not required for program delivery. Two group facilitators should deliver the program to no more than 12 clients.

Staffing Training:

Training for Group Facilitators: a five-day, 36-40 hour training for individuals to deliver ART. A pre-test and post-test demonstrates learning of skills. They deliver 3 complete cycles of ART and receive TA.

Training for Trainers: a five-day, 36-40 hour training for individuals to be trainers of ART® Group Facilitators. Students co-facilitate with ART® Master Trainer, the training of group facilitators. Participants in the Training of Trainers seminar are then expected to conduct 3 training sessions independently and provide either audio and/or video tapes for review.

Master Trainer Training: an individualized learning for those who apply. Master Trainers are certified to participate in program development, curriculum innovation, and independent ART consultation.