NCJJI Training Video: Continuous Quality Improvement for Juvenile Justice Organizations

Juvenile justice organizations are under increased pressure to demonstrate accountability and ensure the services they provide are effective. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a process that can help juvenile justice organizations use their own data to continually improve services with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for youth. This video describes a process for how juvenile justice organizations can adopt and implement CQI principles.

NCJJI Training Video: Building Evidence to Determine Your Program's Effectiveness

This video is designed to help juvenile services departments begin building evidence to determine the effectiveness of their programs and determine their eligibility for funding from DCFS. This video focuses specifically on the criteria necessary to fit within the Evidence Informed category of Nevada's Evidence Based Practices Definition Matrix, which is the least restrictive category still eligible for funding from DCFS.

Using Nevada's Evidence-based Practice Definition Matrix

The Nevada Center for Juvenile Justice Innovation (NCJJI) developed this training video to help juvenile justice stakeholders in Nevada understand and apply Nevada's definition of "evidence-based" using the Evidence-Based Practice Definition Matrix. The video, presented by Humboldt County Juvenile Services Director Pauline Salla, provides guidance to determine where juvenile justice programs for youth fit along the evidence-based continuum.