As NCJJI learns more about the unique needs of Nevada, additional programs will be added.

Aggression Replacement Training

ART is an intervention designed for chronically aggressive youth. This 10 week structured program provides group sessions focused on improving social skills, anger control, and moral reasoning.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

FFT provides counseling focused on strengthening the family system for youth at high-risk for antisocial behaviors. Weekly one-hour sessions with the whole family occur over the course of three to five months and can be delivered by non-licensed staff.

Life Skills Training

LST is a flexible substance-abuse and violence prevention curriculum with programs designed for youth of all ages. Staff hold group sessions to help youth develop drug resistance, personal self-management, and general social skills

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)

MDFT is a multifaceted family intervention for youth with substance use and behavioral problems. Families receive counseling administered by licensed therapists and additional services focused on strengthening community support.

MultiSystemic Therapy (MST)

MST is an intensive in-home intervention delivered by licensed clinicians for youth exhibiting serious antisocial and criminal behaviors. Through intensive contact with the family, the program promotes prosocial conduct while decreasing problem and delinquent behavior.